November 02, 2012

Calligraphy Crafternoon

A couple of months ago, I attended a Calligraphy Crafternoon at Pipino, in Teacher's Village. A crafternoon (craft + afternoon) as the name suggests, is a couple of hours spent making and learning new art with other artsy people!

For a couple hundred pesos, the kit included a pen holder, 2 nibs (I didn't know that's what you call the tips), ink, sheets of paper, and worksheets.

Alessa's Calligraphy Tips: 
1. Put more pressure on downward strokes.
2. Use your entire arm, not just the wrist.
3. And lastly, don't think too much! Just let your hand (or rather, arm) go!

We started off with different strokes, with the help of the worksheets, to try out the nibs, and just get the hang of it.

I shared a table with these girls, who were kind enough to chit-chat while practicing, and even shared their own materials.

After getting a hold of the basics, it was time to practice the alphabet, in different typefaces.

We were served with a snack that was composed of veggie tempura, noodles, and spring rolls, plus coconut and banana muffins!

At the end of the session, we were asked to write our favorite quotes and post them on the large corkboard.

Calligraphy is fun, but I must say, it's actually hard, and you really won't get a very pretty outcome on the first go. It will surely take a LOT of practice!

For a schedule of other Crafternoons, visit Alessa's site, Life After Breakfast :)

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